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what the hell's a sophie

sometimes you look like a dude.
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+5 sexterity, a beautiful mess, any more hot chicks?, bad things to you, behaved like idiot children, big damn heroes, big wide watery road, blonde tall swedish men, captain tightpants, dammit hardison!, does it have nudity?, eat that word, ghost in my lungs, ginger screaming, haaaaaave you met ted?, hammer=penis, hello pam, her-ass-is-a world pressure, i loathe arizona, i sent for you, it's not lupus, it's very distinctive, just the vodka, legan-wait for it-dary!, like an onion, lilypad & marshmallow, make it so, oh-captain my dear captain, penny caaaannn!!!, phd in horribleness, planet naboo = stupid-name, priority: help the kids, ready for seconds?, sausages in your class!, seriously?, shiny!, sine qua non, slap bet commissioner, smell of nail polish, sophiesus, sorry we're dead, space cowboy, sultry night, sunday afternoons, swedish ~meatballs~, teacup humans, that's a bingo!, the philosopher mick jagger, true meaning of peace, vampire in your cleavage, we provide leverage, well here i am, wine time, winter is coming, you're in my vault